A big part of following fashion and latest trends is figuring out how to bring new looks into your own wardrobe. However, there’s a fine line between following these trends and being a walking advertisement for every designer at fashion week. Not to mention, not all pieces worn together on the runway are meant for an everyday look, especially at a university. This week I find that the key to a fresh runway-inspired look is to choose the pieces one would normally wear to class, in this case a parka and pair of sneakers, but with amplified colors and designs.

Raf Simons is known for his innovative cuts and brilliant designs on the runway, but we’ve only recently seen his pieces come to light for streetwear. The designer’s collaboration with the athletic wear company, adidas, has gained a lot of attention and new fans of the designer. The sneakers that this Fashionisto is sporting are a testament to Raf Simons’s iconic risk-taking elements in his pieces. Patchwork and color-blocking is taken to another level in this pair, making these the ultimate conversation starter. They’re hard to miss with the reflective material, the perfect choice for one of few sunny days on a winter campus.

Sneakers with a similar silhouette from the designer were paired with slacks and a peacoat in his spring 2015 menswear collection, but this Fashionisto made it all his own with more casual elements. The oversized parka is great for the weather our campus is experiencing. Its bright blue color is athletic and fun, an amped up version of our school colors. Topped off with the skater boy classic, a black Neff beanie, this Fashionisto is ready for class and anything else he has planned for the day.

One Simple Change: If you’re going for a more professional look to balance out the athletic shoes, try a navy blue blazer. The structure and mature color of this jacket will make the wearer look more put together for a class presentation, and the shoes will still be able to serve their statement piece purpose.