Many of us are in the storm of midterms right now. We’ve pulled a few all-nighters for exams, guzzled gallons of coffee or maybe even punched a few walls. It’s a stressful and emotionally confusing time. Honestly, style probably isn’t the first thing on our minds before we head to class. I know that when I’m in a whirlwind of academic pressure, I’d rather immerse myself in a sweatshirt and hide in it for a few days. I’ve also discovered, however, that there are a few stylish options that offer the same comfort as your typical lazy day look.

When it comes to being cozy, many swear by the sacred sweater and its healing powers for a crummy day. Is there anything more satisfying than an oversized sweater to immerse yourself in, featuring long sleeves to hit your friends with? I think not. For warmer climates, however, thin sweaters like the one worn by this Fashionista, are the perfect choice. They also offer some layering opportunities if the day does get chillier. Just slip on a jean jacket, and you’re good to go.

When considering what to pair with your sweater, remember that jeans may require too much effort for your already stress-filled day. I recommend leggings to solve this problem. The athletic leggings worn by the Fashionista in particular bring an interesting style clash to her feminine look. Plus, they give her the added bonus of being ideal for a potentially necessary dash across campus to her next class.

In terms of footwear, sandals are the easiest and most flexible option. You won’t even have to worry about tying some laces when you’re exhausted from only getting a few hours of sleep. Pick out a metallic pair to dress up the look a bit, and your outfit will be complete.

One Simple Change: Do you have a full day of classes, but still plan on partying with some friends for a girl’s night out? Just switch out your pair of leggings for a simple mini skirt, and your adorable look is ready-to-go!