When first approaching this Fashionisto on his way to class, our conversation began with how stoked he was that I stopped him on campus, to him apologizing in advance for his bed head hair and his outfit that didn’t take much effort. I responded by saying that messy hair is the best type of hair and that the best type of fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply put, effortless style is indeed priceless and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

This Fashionisto is ready to get studious in this chill ensemble that is comfortable enough for him to sit through those lecture note-taking classes, but also displaying a taste of his swagger and personality with his social side at play when interacting with his peers, doing what he does best. His maroon cargo jogger pants add an element of color and structure. The contrasting texture of his brown distressed leather jacket paired with his gray hoodie mingle through layering. He kept things simple yet interesting with a black pocket T-shirt infused with a blue and purple swirly design. He did the unthinkable with bearing his ankles in the cold with his cream-colored Vans. This trendy lad is clearly ready for the warmer months.

One Simple Change: Spring break is well on its way. When packing for a spontaneous vacation, throw some of your favorites into a duffel bag (don’t forget those jogger pants and Vans), and simply exchange the leather jacket, hoodie and tee for a floral Hawaiian-inspired graphic T-shirt.