During the beginning of second semester, it is always difficult to make the effort to dress up for class. It is cold, snowy or icy and the last thing you want to do is squeeze into a pair or jeans or a nice top. Lately I’ve been seeing girls throwing in the towel and just wearing sweatshirts to class. I came from a private school with a strict dress code that ingrained in me that wearing sweatshirts to class is not okay, so I couldn’t get myself to wear one. This Fashionista has discovered a way to look good for class while putting barely any effort in in the morning.

T-shirt, leggings, socks, sweater—done. You could literally wear the T-shirt and leggings to bed, wake up, throw on a sweater, scarf and shoes and call it a day. Isn’t this every Fashionista’s dream come true?

My favorite part about this outfit is the tee. Graphic T-shirts are completely underrated.They are truly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it to bed and it never fails to look cute. It is like a loyal friend: trustworthy and eager to do anything for you. The way this Fashionista styled her graphic T-shirt with a monochromatic sweater and a chunky scarf is the ideal cute and comfy look for class.

This Fashionista’s blue hair offered the T-shirt a bit of edginess to it, which is a little quirk we could all afford to add to our outfits!

One Simple Change: Remove the sweater, scarf and boots and exchange the leggings for some slick leather pants for a day to night look. Black booties and a great hat would push this look to go the extra mile!