Spring in New Mexico is filled with surprises, and they’re usually not the good kind. One day, it’s 28 degrees out and snowing with no hint of ever seeing the sun again. The next day, it’s a nice and toasty 70 degrees with warm sunshine beaming down upon us. It’s as confusing as you can imagine and makes for quite the challenge getting dressed every morning, but, hey—we take what we can get. On one of our warmer days, I caught this Fashionista out and about channeling elements of classic American cool with her own twist on it.

Keeping in the American style, this Fashionista’s ensemble begins with a few classic closet essentials: a basic white T-shirt and a pair of dark skinnies. To continue the cool kid vibe of the outfit, she chooses a few key accessories, including her fitted denim jacket and a trusty pair of slip-on vans. Instead of opting for the normal canvas pair of slip-ons, she gives the look more of a tough girl bite by choosing a reflective black pair that adds more edge to the whole outfit. Her vibrant textured scarf, however, helps soften up the whole look overall while also adding her own personality back into the mix of the cool kid vibe.

Dressing up in classics is always a solid choice for class, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, and it definitely doesn’t mean your own style has to go by the wayside! Next time you consider channeling a classic James Dean type look, embrace the method of this Fashionista, and choose a few key accessories that help showcase your own style and personality.

One Simple Change: Struggling to give the look a bit more bite for a concert or a girl’s night out? Don’t overthink it. Switch out the denim jacket for a leather jacket and the slip-ons for a pair of heels, and you’re set—and still rocking that cool kid vibe!