While the weather has been below zero here in Philadelphia, Mother Nature occasionally adds in better days here and there. On this 40 degree day, after a snowstorm, this Fashionista strolls to class in her oversized sweater poncho. Ditching your big, heavy winter coat for the day can be a sigh of relief from the hefty luggage the cold weather comes with. No more taking on and off your coat in every classroom you walk into. You can even let go of a scarf as this sweater already provides for it.

Although the sun is out, snow and ice still cover the streets. To dress accordingly, this Fashionista opts for a pair of tall weather proof boots. Underneath she adds chunky beige knee socks for additional warmth, which complement her poncho and Burberry signature plaid boots. To add some edgy glamour to her look, this Fashionista adds an oversized, studded satchel. She tops the look off with a beaded bracelet and a rhinestone ring. The combination of neutral tones and mixed textures form an effortless yet chic look.

The look this Fashionista delivers, from her comfortable sweater down to her black tights and knee socks, is simple, comfortable and well suited for a long day of classes. With a statement piece like this oversized sweater, you can easily transition right into spring’s warmer days.

One Simple Change: For a night out to dinner and a movie you can easily transition this look. Switch the black tights for a pair of jeans. Then add a pair of black ankle booties with a heel. You definitely want to keep a similar bag since it’s a versatile piece.