When I’m shopping, I always leave a little time to browse through the men’s section. No, not for my boyfriend, dad or brothers, but for myself; I have always loved the aesthetic of menswear. J.Crew’s fall 2015 menswear collection is one of my absolute favorites of the new year and has only strengthened my love through dark colors, super soft sweaters over button-downs and the mixing of casual and dressy elements in one look.

This Fashionisto made me stop right in my tracks. Everything about his outfit screamed J.Crew. Luckily, I caught him on his way to class and was able to capture his amazing outfit. The layering of his sweater over his button-down was a casual take on the preppy look. It is also super warm given that there are two layers; even better, the sweater can easily be taken off if it gets too toasty (which isn’t likely though with this Jersey cold).

What I loved most about this Fashionisto’s outfit was his use of dark colors. The navy sweater paired with the black pants was almost identical to J.Crew’s looks. His yellow button-down offered a subtle, but noticeable, pop of color, which gave the overall dark outfit a pleasant light hue.

In this weather, L.L.Bean Bean boots are a must. They keep the feet warm and are warriors in the snow. They’re also perfect for topping off a preppy look; they’re an easy substitute for more formal leather boots. This Fashionisto’s gray Bean Boots complemented his outfit without being too formal or flashy. I honestly could have mistaken him for a J.Crew model.

One Simple Change: If you’re going to a nighttime function, add a navy blazer or jacket for extra warmth when the sun goes down. You can even swap the sweater for a blazer for a more formal event!