Every college student knows that getting ready for class can sometimes be a struggle (actually all the time, let’s face it). Between waking up 15 minutes later than you’re supposed to, trying to look presentable and finding what you’re going to wear for the day, mornings can be a bit rough. Well my friends, although I’m not the best advocate to tell you to wake up when your alarm goes off, I can give you some tips on what to wear to class—particularly an outfit that’s comfy, casual and cute!

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect outfit for a casual day to class. Her black puffer vest paired with her American flag knit sweater and leggings are both trendy and cozy, which are the best kind of outfits in my opinion. Black puffer vests are another one of those items that should be a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re stylish, warm and go with everything! This Fashionista is also sporting a pair of high-top white Converse. High-top or not, white Converse (or any white sneakers such as Keds or Vans) are one of the most versatile pair of shoes you can get. You can wear them in every season of the year and they’ll never go out of style (just like my girl, T. Swift).

One detail of this Fashionista’s look that I adore is her gray socks over her leggings. This simple little detail is making a comeback, and it’s probably one of the most-favorited among the Fashionistas who love a nice comfy trend (a.k.a. me).

If you’re looking for an easy and adorable look to put-together before class, anything similar to this Fashionista’s outfit is the way to go. It’s casual enough not to look too dressy, warm enough for a sunny winter day and comfortable enough to almost feel like you’re wearing your Netflix outfit.

One Simple Change: Going uptown this weekend with some friends? This outfit is perfect for weekend wear as well! For a dressier look, try switching out the Converse with a taller pair of boots.