One of the most frustrating parts of the day is hearing the alarm clock start to go off in the morning. On top of that, figuring out what to wear without being freezing and making it to class on time can be difficult. A quick tip for every Fashionista/Fashionisto to keep in mind during this frigid weather is to not overdo the warm layers so that you are not overheating in the classroom. Combining all of your warmest articles of clothing may not be your best decision. Try leveling the outfit out by adding some lightweight layers. This Fashionisto will show you how to find an easy balance on a regular day to class!

This Fashionisto is shown wearing a casual Wallin & Bros shirt paired with Hudson jeans. This base layer is perfect for a classroom setting. Lastly, he is wearing a Michael Kors wool jacket and Lacoste shoes to complete the look. Once you take your jacket off, you are able to sit comfortably and work productively.

This Fashionisto took advantage of a sunny winter day by wearing his wool coat rather than being forced to wear his ski jacket on a snowy day. While displaying a stylish look with the wool coat and button-down, this Fashionisto keeps it casual by leaving his shirt untucked. His shoes also present a more comfortable yet fashionable look. So, on a regular day when it is difficult to gauge what to wear, a great way to keep it simple and classy is to whip out the wool coat and your favorite coordinating button-down.

One Simple Change: If you are in for a long day of classes and the weather forecast is getting frigid, add a pair of gloves and/or a scarf for your walk across campus.