We all know that we girls love to put in the extra effort for even the most casual events such as 8:00 a.m. classes. But while we’re busy checking out each other’s outfits out of envy or for inspiration, we often miss the cutie in the bowtie sitting right next to us. Our Fashionisto counterparts have much more style than we ever give them credit for. The problem is that they’re dressing to impress those with the most brutal opinions—girls.

In an effort to switch it up this week, I was lucky enough to catch this Fashionisto outside my dorm on his way back from class. He kept his outfit pretty simple with a black and gray color-blocked button-down, your average pair of khaki shorts and a staple for boys at the University of Tampa—Sperry Top-Siders. Normally I’m not one for boat shoes, but these black ones give a little more flare to the outfit and tie together with the top and earrings… Are we beginning to see a theme here?

I’ve mentioned in a couple articles in the past how fashionable it is to wear monochromatic outfits, especially when wearing all black. But this trend isn’t only for Fashionistas! Our more masculine neighbors, classmates and coworkers can pick up on this trend easily, as well. It has always seemed to me that guys have it pretty easy, and their outfits are very formulaic which makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. This Fashionisto incorporated this into his regular scheme of outfits by switching in two average pieces (a pastel button-down and brown boat shoes) with two in different shades of my favorite color—black.

This ensemble is perfect for class because our Fashionisto can easily turn his everyday outfit into one with a little more style to grab the attention of the ladies (or gents) in class.

One Simple Change: Heading out after your night class? Trade in those khakis for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, and you have a perfect day to night look.