As we approach the middle of the semester, tensions are at an all time high. We all slowly begin to descend into madness as we look to our itineraries, filled to the brim with the endless projects of the next few weeks to come. All we have to look forward to is the glory of spring break, but even that seems so far. Some of the better luxuries we experienced at the beginning of the semester are nothing but good memories now; hence, dressing up in anything but leggings becomes almost laughable. However, many forget that there is a way to look stylish and put together in this garment that has been highly taboo in the fashion community.

Leggings really are the embodiment of comfort. They are a truly beautiful gift to those who hate feeling constrained in jeans or in other form of bottoms since it allows them them flexibility. They’re extremely versatile and go with just about anything! While crossing campus, I ran into our Fashionista and decided to snap some shots of her outfit. As we can see, she decided to pair her leggings with an oversized gray sweater over her basic white T-shirt. She added a purple scarf and finished off the look with some black combat boots.

One Simple Change: If you are in the mood for a little gym session after class, there is no need to bring extra clothing. Just switch out the combat boots for a pair of Nike running shoes and ditch the scarf. You’ll have two outfits on the go for a busy day ahead, perfect look for taking notes and hitting the gym with some friends.