I think simple fashion was made for hectic college days filled with going to classes and running errands around campus. What I mean by simple fashion is an outfit that doesn’t have too much thought put into it, yet is still fashion-forward. By adding one or two pieces to your cohesive outfit, you can take your modest look to the next level. A simple look is perfect for the busy lifestyle of a Fashionista/o.

This Fashionista exhibits a casual collegiate style that is both put together and efficient for a day of getting things done on campus. Instead of wearing yoga pants and a T-shirt, she rocks an ombré chambray button-down, black skinny jeans and my personal favorite spring staple: a pair of Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are back again this season and bigger than ever. I love how this Fashionista incorporated this neutral pair into her look. She also wore a fun teal nail polish that pops against the sand-colored shoes.

Rather than wear a Jansport backpack, this Fashionista donned a super cute and practical Longchamp bag. Longchamp bags are huge on college campuses across the nation. The tote bags embody simple, sleek fashion and are very stylish. She accessorized with a pretty gold watch to round out her functional and fashionable look that is perfect for a day of class.

Your personal style speaks volumes to the world around you. This look says that this Fashionista is ready to hit the books and get down to business while still maintaining a sophisticated vibe. This look is sure to inspire other college students to take a few extra minutes each morning to pick out the outfit that perfectly articulates the message they would like to express to the world.

One Simple Change: Going to a concert after class? Slip on a band T-shirt underneath an unbuttoned chambray shirt and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd.