Here’s another school-related trend and another reference to my Catholic schoolgirl uniforms. This is my second semester of sophomore year, and I still wake up every morning, dreading the fact that I can’t just roll out of bed and slip into my plaid skirt and button-down. To all you Fashionista/o’s who did public school all of your life, I commend your decision-making abilities. It’s like there are an infinite amount of options, yet no options at all. You can’t win sometimes. When you have to leave for class in T-minus five minutes, the ultimate battle must be conquered.

Going to class is basically the reason we’re all at college. Whether we remember that or not, it’s essential to go to class, and to look good while doing it. Most of us try our hardest to look put together during only the first week of classes because unless you spend countless hours stalking everyone on Facebook beforehand, you never know who you’re going to run into. As soon as you step through the doors, you’re making your very first impression on the classmates you’ll be spending the next four months with. You don’t want to be the girl who gets called out via Yik Yakked for looking like you just hit by a bus on your way to class, now do you?

By put together, I literally mean anything more than a sweatshirt, un-brushed hair, yesterday’s makeup and sweatpants. Leggings are from the gods above, and so are oversized sweaters.

Now this Fashionista definitely won’t be yakked about. She’s looking mighty fine for a cold February day of class. Her cozy, purple sweater adds that perfect pop of color to the ensemble, making her look like she’s dressed to impress. I’m sure we’re all currently envying the comfort of her leggings right now. The outfit is flawlessly paired with a super cute pair of beige booties. They’re the perfect shoes for someone with the same petite frame because they won’t eat up half your body. The lightness of the booties adds for a great contrast, and they match her adorable schoolbag. The oversized gray jacket blends well and keeps her warm. She accessorized with a stylish watch, which is an essential for keeping an eye on when class finally lets out! Now this is an outfit I would wear with pride.

One Simple Change: Are birds chirping and flowers blooming? It must be spring! Ditch the coat and swap out the leggings for a stylish pair of cut-off shorts for a trendy Southern look.