A day in the life of the average college student usually looks something like: class, lunch, homework, sleep and then repeat. Now, add extra dance classes, five hour rehearsals and performances every night seven days a week. That’s the life of the average theatre major and let me tell you, it’s pretty dramatic. From running lines at 7 in the morning before class, to rehearsing for a show until 12:30 at night, the schedule of a performing arts student is daunting, hectic and exhausting. When you have to go from class straight to the stage and somehow manage to squeeze a social life in somewhere, a performing arts major has one thing in mind while they raid their closet every morning: ‘I won’t have time to change.’ Something movable, comfortable, fashionable and warm, seems like a tall order for one outfit, but their are lots of ways you can mix and match your wardrobe pieces to create an awesome look that will keep you on the move all day long.

When it comes to a dance or acting class, wearing free flowing and comfortable clothes is essential, however, as Fashionistas we can’t help but want to add some style to this monotonous look. Mixing and matching our dance wear with some of our other chic and stylish pieces is the perfect way to be in class appropriate attire without throwing our signature style out the window.

This Fashionista was on her way to a dance class when I spotted her. Her quirky cute style was so refreshing to see on such a blistering cold January day. This adorable, strawberry printed wrap skirt is perfect to throw on over her leotard to either wear during dance class, or act as a cover-up for the rest of her daily activities. Her movable lace cardigan and black sweater leggings are a great way to keep her warm and cozy while looking super chic. Finally, her shoes add a pop of color and can act as a dance or street shoe for ultimate versatility. Finishing off her look with a simple red bow around her pony and she’s ready for her super busy day ahead!

One Simple Change: Untying the wrap dress and throwing on a pair of skinny jeans will take this look from day to night. Add some sparky jewelry and a pop of a red lip and you’re good to go!