What truly sets Parisian university students apart from any other type of students is the way that they dress for class and school in general. Arriving at school for class is like showing up to the fashion show that happens outside of the shows during Fashion Week. Everyone is dressed to the nines and looks as if they are a fashion editor for any major fashion publication. There is no doubt that Parisians truly do have style. You can go anywhere in the boundaries of the university whether it is the library or the university café and find well-curated ensembles boasting the most envious items. I have already decided that I am going to have reverse culture shock when I return to my home university and go back to seeing sweats and leggings in the library instead of cape coats and well-made leather shoes.

When I spotted this Fashionista, she was standing outside in a sea of well-clad students. The vivid color of her jumper and daring use of a wide-brimmed hat caught my eye. I just knew that I had to photograph this outfit as a model of what to wear for class. The best part about the outfit is the notion of layering. With the cold temperatures, it is nice to have multiple layers that you can wear to keep warm. For class, it’s great to have layers to take off and put back on to combat changing temperatures from going inside to the outside or vice versa. A crisp button-up layered with a bright-colored crewneck sweater and pair of sleek jeans makes for a perfect indoor outfit. Just add on an outwear sweater and coat to have the perfect outdoor look. You can have two outfits in one just by layering. Play a little stylish game on the people you encountering by having one look for the people you pass on your way to class and pulling off the layers to reveal the look that you have for the people in your class.

One Simple Change: Going on a dinner date with friends after class? Just swap the jeans for a simple midi-skirt and voilà!