It is just about that time in the semester where classes are starting to pick up the pace a bit. Midterms are lurking and syllabus week is far behind you. Waking up for your 7:45 a.m. class and picking out a cute outfit is the last thing you want to do, right behind slamming your alarm clock for the sixth time. At this point, planning out an outfit for class takes a backseat to trying to get homework done and bundling up to keep the frigid February air away. Although it is tempting, you can’t give up yet. Getting ready for class is never fun, but why not look at it as a challenge? See just how easy it is to throw together an adorable outfit for class.

This colorful outfit is perfect for walking to class no matter what the weather. Let’s begin from the bottom up. This Fashionista’s golden oxfords are absolutely to die for. In this weather, flats are always the way to go. You can trudge through snow, ice and sleet and feel (almost) completely confident that you won’t slip. She wears her oxfords with some dark wash jeans, which complement her colorful blazer. The flowers on the blazer add just the right amount of color and take it from formal attire to a fun jacket that can be thrown over virtually any outfit. She mixes prints with a vertical striped blouse worn under the blazer and her burgundy scarf matches the flowers just enough and pulls the outfit together.

One Simple Change: Off to the office for an internship? Switch out the jeans for some black pants and you’ll look perfectly professional!