For me, getting ready for class can be one of the hardest outfit choices of the week. This is especially true when I am short on time. What makes my decision so difficult is that classmates are people who see you two or more times a week. I only have so many go-to outfits that I can throw on before someone starts to notice the outfit repeating. I don’t know if all of you would remember, but Kate from the Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire taught us that outfit repeating is “unacceptable.” Although I doubt most people pay that close of attention to what we are wearing, I like to switch up my outfits as much as possible. I also like to have a few key pieces that I know I can pair with almost anything in my wardrobe. This makes building an outfit quick and easy.

This Fashionista was spotted in two of my main go-to items. First, I noticed her black pants. I’m a big fan of black pants because I am always comfortable in them, and they are also very flattering. The second item I noticed was the chambray. A chambray is something that is extremely versatile. You can pair it with black pants, skirts, colored jeans and printed pants. As an employee in a retail environment, it is often something that I suggest to customers as well. The black pants, the chambray top, the brown booties and the simple necklace come together to create a very chic and minimalist outfit that is perfect for class. It is put together, but it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Plus, adding a fun-colored lip is an easy way to add color to this neutral outfit.

One Simple Change: To give this outfit a fun touch, try a chambray tucked in to a great, printed pant. This is one of my favorite style combinations.