Men’s fashion is always tricky, and finding the balance between comfortable and complacent can be hard for some guys. When going to class you can be casual but you still need to look well put together and appropriate. I’ve been in classes where someone shows up in their pajamas and while I envy their coziness, it is apparent that the professor would prefer you change before their classes.

This Fashionisto was on his way to his third class of the day when I caught him. Even though he had a long day that started at 8 a.m. he still looked sharp in a peacoat, dark blue wash jeans (a must-have for any guy), boots and a button-down. This kind of box striped button-down is very popular with guys. A patterned button-down is a nice look if you don’t want to appear overly dressy but still want to come off as professional.

Watches are the biggest male accessory. Not many men will wear a necklace or earrings, but every man owns at least one watch. This Fashionisto sports an understated but sleek watch that adds a nice touch to his already well put together look.

Class is an integral yet unavoidable part of every college Fashionisto/a’s everyday life. We roll out of bed everyday tired but still wanting to look our best. Casual looks like this are a great way to stay snug in your earliest class, while still feeling cute for the rest of the day.

One Simple Change: I would sub out the Fashionisto’s boots for a pair of burgundy loafers to give the outfit a pop of color and enhance the color of the shirt.