The winter has begun to take a toll on all of us in upstate New York. I feel I can say with certainty that we are all starting to become very tired of the cold, snow and lack of sun. Bundling up in layers of winter gear is starting to lose its appeal and the countdown for spring break is already on. However, there are still students who are taking the weather in stride and putting together some amazing looks for a long day of class.

This Fashionista proves that classes are no excuse for lazy dressing. Her outfit is the epitome of preppy, almost as though she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad. Her navy blue peacoat immediately makes the outfit refined, especially with the large gold button accents. She clearly knows that nothing says preppy more than plaid. This Fashionista wears a standout tartan scarf that looks perfect with her plaid skirt. The matching continues with her light brown gloves and classic tan L.L.Bean boots. A large neutral black tote makes this outfit all the more sophisticated.

Fortunately, this eager Fashionista voluntarily took off her gloves and scarf in order to show off some incredible jewelry. The simple gold necklace fits effortlessly with her army green button-up and gray sweater, but it is her rings, bracelets and rings that convey some major personality. This Fashionista fearlessly pairs silver, gold, pearls and different designs all together. She proves that pieces can be mixed and matched to create a seriously cool combination. The result induces some intense jewelry envy.

The College Prepster better watch out because she has strong competition when it comes to dressing preppy. Every element of this Fashionista’s look is thought-out, polished and classic. Impress your professors and classmates by taking inspiration from this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: Need to go straight from class to your internship? Switch-out your L.L.Bean boots for a pair of heeled Chelsea boots. They will still keep your feet warm but look dressier in a professional environment.