As a fellow busy college student, I get it. I know how hard it is to find time to put together a cute outfit for class everyday when you have a million other things going on in your life. There’s exams, projects, papers, that cute boy you sit next to, your part time job, your sorority. With so many things to worry about, getting up a half hour earlier than usual to pick out a fashionable outfit when you can just slide into a pair of sweatpants can sound very unappealing. Taking the time to dress nice everyday can be quite the task, but it can become a lot more simple and less time consuming if you already have an idea in your head of what to wear. Check out this look that is perfect for any regular class day!

The all-black jeans and blouse flow nicely together; the pop of a cool design stitched on the front of the blouse makes it look less monotonous. The burnt orange jacket adds a cool flare of color to this rustic-boho look, which is only amplified by the light brown satchel. A touch of rock ‘n’ roll flare is added with the silver studs on the shoes and sides of the purse. It is the perfect casual, everyday look. It’s not too dressy to the point that you’ll walk in and people will wonder if you have a presentation today they forgot about, but it’s not a pair of sweatpants and your old high school’s soccer team T-shirt either. Looking good for class is all about balance.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this outfit to your internship after class? Grab a belt and tuck in your shirt, you’ll instantly look more professional. Have an internship that is a little dressier? Swap your blouse for a crisp, white button-down, and don’t forget to tuck it in!