Wind, snow and rain are the most stifling afflictions of winter. With February approaching and blizzards pounding New England, you may find yourself wanting to cuddle in to a cozy sweater and a pair of thick leggings to battle these remaining winter weeks. Let’s face it, we’re all starting to slack a little. However, thin layers offer a more ideal route since the classrooms are guaranteed to have the heat turned on to the max. “What?” you may ask, “But I’ll be so cold!” Don’t fret. With the right amount of layers and a trusty winter coat, you’ll be ready to hit the classrooms in a chic yet casual outfit.

This Fashionista sports the perfect late winter class outfit, showing that you don’t have to overthink your look in order to look fashionable. Instead of cladding a suffocating sweater, she pairs a signature graphic T-shirt (which she proudly states she got on sale for 8 dollars at Zara!) with a thinly knit cardigan. Once she shreds her thick winter coat upon entering class, she has the option to control her body temperature by adjusting her cardigan and scarf. Yet, the most noteworthy pieces of her look are her watch (if you look closely, the face contains a vintage world map) and Lucky Brand bracelets. The addition of this arm candy creates an even more personal spin, and the gold-plated bracelets allow for a pop of color against the whites and grays of the outfit. Plus, the jewels bring attention to this Fashionista’s fresh manicure!

As you may already know, boots are an absolute must for any winter season. Not only are they a better barrier against the snow than flats, but they are the most convenient way to doll up any look. This Fashionista effortlessly pulls off her heeled ankle booties. She cuffs her jeans legs instead of scrunching the extra material into the boots. This makes her legs appear longer and creating a straight cut that doesn’t overwhelm the eye. These boots from Seychelles would add a little extra oomph to her curves and would complement the length of her cardigan

One Simple Change: Still a little cold? Try pairing a thicker cardigan with a long-sleeved shirt. Add a beanie for an even more casual look when heading outside, and you’ll be set for the winter weather.