Take notes gentlemen, because this Fashionisto is most definitely doing it right. It can be hard for guys to pull off a preppy look without seeming like they are trying to hard, but this Fashionisto makes it look easy. He is sporting what I like to call an effortlessly cool preppy look.

The first thing that caught my eye was his boots. It sounds strange because I think that more than half of all college guys own work boots but I had never seen this color before. Not only are they functional and show to do well in the snow and slush, but they were also the perfect way to dress down his preppy outfit. Especially since when walking to class at this time of year you don’t want to ruin your boat shoes, or nice sneakers. His snapback was definitely a very optimal way to dress down his ensemble as well. It doesn’t hurt that he has the locks to go with it.

I think I can speak for most girls when I say that it takes a real man to rock a peacoat. I applaud him for his confidence and being able to take that style risk, definitely earns points in my book. You can copy his trendy outwear with this jacket from Calvin Klein. Whether intentional or not, his plaid button-up pairs absolutely splendid with his quarter zip from Nautica. Not only will the layers keep him warm, but also the plaid was the perfect way to add a pop of color and pattern throughout his otherwise simple monochromatic look. This plaid shirt from J.Crew is the perfect layering piece and would go great under any sweater or pullover.

One Simple Change: He could easily ditch the snapback and throw on some more dressy shoes like these, to make his look more formal. These simple changes will make his outfit more appropriate for an interview, internship or a presentation where a more professional look is required.