In the winter months—when it’s cold and we have to be all bundled up in big coats—it’s easy to not put much effort into an outfit that’s only on full display once you’re inside and have undressed about seven layers. But, I’m here to encourage you all to push past this, as well as myself (yes, I fall victim to the boring pretty-much-same-outfit-every-day trouble-free outfits too). Lately, I’ve been attempting to wear outfits that I feel good walking around in in hopes that it’ll change my all around mood (cold days make me crabby, okay, and I don’t think I’m alone here). I can’t say that the majority of the student population has the same idea as me, but this Fashionista and I are absolutely on the same wavelength.

What caught my eye initially was her necklace. The bright colors jumped out at me, and I immediately thought of all of the articles I’ve been reading recently on Who What Wear on “how to incorporate color into your winter wardrobe,” and “ways to dress in spring colors all year round.” Like I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of neutrals and dark colors, so I’m sorta really liking the way this Fashionista styled herself. The necklace adds the pops of color that Who What Wear has been talking about in a super subtle way, while the rest of her outfit stays pretty neutral. A full on leather jacket may be uncomfortable under layers of coats, but this jacket with some leather accents is a happy medium, which I found to be cute and interesting. She finished off her outfit with a pair of boots she described to be “these old dirty things,” but with the slippery walkways and all the slush hanging around, we all need ol’ trusties with a little traction and a lot of character.

So, I don’t know guys, let’s all try to follow this Fashionista’s lead and add a little color to our wardrobe, maybe it’ll even make spring come sooner (fingers crossed) (we know it won’t happen) (the groundhog always sees his shadow) (that stuff is rigged).

One Simple Change: Take off those bulky clugs (boots) and replace them with a pair of shoes that are a little more fun for weekend wear.