We’ve finally gotten into the groove of classes here this spring semester. The sixth week of class has begun, and you know what that means. Projects and exams are underway. We all know that class is not somewhere that you go into and say, “I really want to impress someone today.” That might have been your high school mentality, but college is a totally different ballgame.  It’s easy to resort to yoga leggings and crewneck sweatshirts during this dreary time of the semester. This Fashionista, however, chose to stay chic yet still functional during her long day of classes.

Because of the spontaneous spurts of snow, this Fashionista knew to layer up. Layers are very important during the winter season. Underneath her quilted, brown coat, she layered a white sweater with a light chambray button-down shirt. By layering these two pieces together, this Fashionista kept in mind that the temperature of the classroom may be hot or chilly, meaning each piece can be worn alone if need be. Ultimately, these pieces help to keep her comfortable in the classroom. This classic pair is not only comfortable, but it helps to keep a modest, preppy, feminine look. If you aren’t into the layering look, try a chunky sweater; it is still a warm and cute alternative. You aren’t into chunky sweaters? Try a gingham flannel.

What I really love about this Fashionista’s outfit is the way she styled her cold weather accessories. To keep her ears warm during her walk to and from classes, she wore a light blue and white lululemon headwrap. This stylish headwrap helps to keep her warm without giving her hat hair. Without a doubt, I would recommend this accessory to anyone.

Her L.L.Bean Boots also help to keep her warm during these snowy, cold days. Bean boots have been popping up everywhere on campus and are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down. Whatever the weather is, these boots can be flaunted. This Fashionista chose to pair them with dark American Eagle skinny jeans. This adds a casual touch to her mostly preppy ensemble. If you don’t want to have the casual look, try pairing them with a skirt and tights to dress them up.

One Simple Change: Once you’re done with classes and ready for a nice dinner with the girls, swap the Bean boots for thigh-high boots, and add a colorful cross-body bag.