You wake up in the morning and grab your phone to check the weather and it shows that it’s a whopping 10 degrees outside. While you curl back up with your warm blankets, you try and think of what you might wear to class to stay protected from the freezing temperature. Do you sacrifice your style to stay warm, or do you freeze in attempt to show off your style? This is the ongoing battle any fashion enthusiast endures during these months of near zero-degree weather. This challenge is tough, but don’t worry, this Fahsionista comes to the rescue with her perfect combination of style and warmth.

This outfit is an excellent choice for class on a cold winter day. Not only is it warm, but the soft pink brings a spring pastel to a usually bland winter color palette, and the bold purple stands out as the perfect pop of a darker, cold weather shade. The baggy sweater will definitely keep her warm on the way to class while the off the shoulder aspect remains flirty and girly. Choosing jeans is a better choice than leggings, as they are thicker and likely to keep her warm for longer. The chunky knit scarf is a winter must-have, as it adds some variety to the outfit and will keep her incredibly warm.

Pairing this outfit with laced up combat style boots is a great idea because you can wear warm thick socks underneath. All together, this outfit has all the warmth a girl could need walking to class, but my favorite part is the touch of gold accessories. The dainty gold necklace peaks through the scarf but also adds just enough shine for when she takes her scarf off indoors. She also adds a glam statement piece with the watch. Lastly, the gold and pink earrings are subtle enough to blend with the outfit, but also help to bring out the gold in the rest of her accessories.

Follow in this Fashionista’s style by choosing small accessories paired with bulky ones in order to maintain the look when you get warm and need to remove layers. She will surely remain warm on her walk but look polished and put together in class. There is never a need to sacrifice style for warmth you just need the two to compromise a bit!

One Simple Change: Do you love your comfy cute outfit so much you don’t want to change too much for your date night? Swap out the chunky scarf for a bold statement necklace and you’re ready to go!