Laying in bed with a cup of tea and binge-watching Netflix seems like the perfect agenda for any rainy day…until you realize that you need to get up and get ready for class. In a place like London where a little bit of rain is on the radar almost every day, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect outfit for class that also works with the sporadic weather that may occur during the commute. A Fashionista must figure out how to get to class in style and comfortably, while also dressing weather-appropriate.

This week’s Fashionista put together a perfect outfit for rainy school days. Starting with the basics, this Fashionista wore the most comfortable pieces of clothing, pairing together a loose white T-shirt and black leggings. Keeping is simple with a tee and leggings is essential if you have a busy class schedule, guaranteeing you to be comfortable all day.

As the basis of her outfit uses the basic colors of black and white, this Fashionista chose to add some personalized flair to her class style through her accessories. Through this she added a pearl choker necklace and the quintessential rainy day shoes: Dr. Martens. While the necklace adds a subtle quirkiness to the outfit, the Dr. Martens truly complete the outfit. With those boots, this Fashionista is guaranteed to be ready for any weather that is thrown her way during her walk to class.

When dressing for class, especially if you go to school where the weather is not always in your favor, don’t worry about dressing too meticulously. Wear what you find is a combination between style and comfort and you will be ready to head to class!

One Simple Change: For those random days where the weather gets a little more chilly than usual, try adding on a statement scarf for an extra layer of comfort and flair.