It’s what we all dread but have to do at one point or another: the 8:00 a.m. class. When this is your reality, it can take everything you have not to roll out of bed and head straight to class in your pajamas, if you even make it to class at all. Though pajamas or sweatpants can seem like the only option some days, with the right pieces, it can be just as easy to throw on a simple, cute outfit.

A monochromatic uniform can be great for the days when you don’t have time to spend piecing together an outfit. Simple and stylish basics, like the ones this Fashionista is sporting, can make you look pulled together in no time at all. Black jeans are a classic and elegant choice that go with just about anything. Pairing these black jeans with other black pieces and a gray top streamlines the getting ready process because there is no need to worry about matching colors.

One of the things I often forget when getting ready in a rush is jewelry. However, this Fashionista has a great solution to that problem. Her matching necklace and earring set is easy to throw on and instantly makes an outfit look more pulled together. To top it all off, she threw on some sunglasses that are perfect for a sunny day and add a cool kid vibe to her outfit.

One Simple Change: These pieces can also work well for an easy weekend look. Throw on a more detailed top with your black jeans and boots, and you’re ready to go!