Growing up, one of my favorite television shows was Full House. I was envious of all the fun the Tanner/Katsopolis/Gladstone gang appeared to be having, episode after episode. However, I always wondered why the entire cast dressed so differently than I dressed. I used to get frustrated with the oversized, bright outfits the cast would proudly model. Now that I have (kind of) grown up, I understand all the overalls—that was late ’80s, early ’90s fashion.

Remember when DJ Tanner used to tuck her shirt into literally any bottoms she was wearing? That had to be the only good trend that came out of ’90s fashion. Although I would not consider tucking a shirt into bottoms to be “high fashion,” a tucked shirt instantly adds a flattering shape to any body type. This Fashionista is rocking a plain T-shirt, tucked into a pair of dark washed jeans, with a simple crimson cardigan and a dark brown down parka. The T-shirt, cardigan and jacket are all staggered in that—the closer the layer is to the body, the shorter the length of the clothing article. At a quick glance, the look appears rather simplistic, but patterns and colors are not the only way an outfit can appear aesthetically pleasing. The outfit is simple, neutral and comfortable which makes it ideal to wear while trekking to class.

One Simple Change: Throw on a bright colored skinny belt. This will add more color and shape to the simple staggered look. This is a perfect way to subtly take this outfit from day to night!