Even though your classes may be strenuous, dressing for them doesn’t have to be. This Fashionista proves it by managing to not only make it to class on time, but to also make a statement in her wardrobe with an effortless yet stylish look. Her outfit brings life to her daily classroom routine with a ferocious flare. As classes start, some may have a problem with falling into a boring routine, but with a little burst of animation and color, your wardrobe won’t.

This Fashionista played up her look and embodies the type of style I advocate: comfortable, simple and extremely trendy. What I love most about her overall style is that it reminds everyone that you don’t have to take fashion so seriously. Today, everyone thinks that there are set guidelines and that you have to follow. Color outside the lines! Play up prints and patterns by mixing them together. Be eccentric. I truly felt inspired when I saw that this Fashionista wasn’t afraid to throw a little childhood love into her wardrobe and complement it with a pair of wild, cheetah print boots. She brought the entire look together with a sleek, black coat and a mod, black hat that gave her a sophisticated yet clean and youthful look.

Overall, this Fashionista’s style speaks for itself when dressing for class. Her incorporation of Disney leaves us with a great message for getting ready in the morning: hakuna matata. Her look literally exemplifies no worries. Classes don’t have to be the favorite part of your day, but dressing for them should always make your day a little bit better.

One Simple Change: Swap out the simple blue jeans with a pair of leather leggings, and you can vamp this style up into a great going-out look.