For college students, class is only the beginning of our busy days. After roughly three classes, we have to be prepared for work, club meetings or dinner with the girls. How could we possibly be comfortable but still prepared for a busy weekday? This Fashionista is here to help us get the most out of a stylish yet appropriate outfit for class. This outfit keeps her warm during the walk from building to building while making her stand out among the sea of stressed students.

This Fashionista wears a simple, navy blue overcoat so that she can play it up with her accessories and other pieces. The navy-with-gold buttons give a perfect base for the scarf and booties. Her ultimate goal is to stay warm on the walk to class, so the coat is just heavy enough to do that without making her look like a marshmallow.

She keeps the chic-but-warm look with her accessories, as well. Her beanie (also convenient for bad hair days!) has the perfect chill vibe for class. It allows you to roll out of bed 20 minutes before class while still looking put together. Not to mention it keeps your hair in place on those windy days. By pairing it with the bright, cheetah print scarf, you get the casual yet fashionable look that’s totally appropriate for class. With the wedge booties, you get a look that’s ready for class or even for a night out.

With a look like this Fashionista’s, you’ll be sure to turn heads during lecture and to stand out from all the Nike leggings and sweatshirts. The wedges are comfortable enough to walk to class, and the overcoat keeps you warm while pulling the whole look together.

One Simple Change: If your boy calls you up and wants to grab dinner after class, no problem. Just slip on some coral lipstick to match your scarf, and ditch the grey for this simple crochet top.