As more snow falls, it becomes more and more difficult for those who don’t feel their best in sweats and puffy coats to look great no matter the conditions. With winter looks for boys specifically being much more limiting, I was pleasantly surprised to find this Fashionisto sporting something that set him apart from the average college male. Accessories for boys sometimes are bland, but by bringing together classic pieces such a jackets, hats and sunglasses, winter has never looked so good.

The infamous hat trend is one that is known to carry over from season to season and with any excuse to dress to impress, this Fashionisto took full advantage of accessorizing when he sported a logoed baseball cap. Baseball caps and beanies for without a doubt a must have for all boys no matter the season. Hats have the ability to transform an average look to something that could be worn by fashion icons universally without looking like the sixth member of One Direction.

Vintage is a word that keeps appearing from Dolce&Gabbana’s ’90s themed runway to Yves Saint Laurent’s successful attempt to rekindle the skinny tailored suits of the 1970’s. This Fashionisto sported an old time looking bomber jacket that not only protected him from frigid air but also give off the “skater boy” vibe to those walking to class with him.

Most importantly, the layering executed in this look showed that there really is no need for bulky outerwear when it is possible to throw on a few looks in one and get the same comfort. Hoodies can easily be transitioned from fall to winter when put together with other neutrals to create a complete and relaxed look for a day of yawn worthy classes. Overall, this Fashionista found his own way to mix up the typical everyday boy look and make it his own without letting the snow affect him a bit.

One Simple Change: Take this look on for a night stuck in at the library with some classic yet still put together sweatpants! This is an easy way to look and feel your best while cramming for that upcoming test.