Getting up for an 8 am class is tough. Getting up for an 8 am class and putting together an ultra-cute outfit is tougher. I’ve noticed a trend popping up among college students in order to combat the early class times, which features an oversized T-shirt, athletic shorts and sandals. I’m not a huge fan of this trend, so I want to give major props to this Fashionista who so delightfully put together a trendy outfit and made it look effortless at the same time.

This Fashionista first caught my eye with her purple hair. How awesome is that? As someone who’s always wanted to take the plunge and dye my hair purple, I instantly admired her style. Her outfit was, of course, equally stylish with its ’90s vibe and simple color scheme. The red sweater is a take on the flannel shirt, but it adds a some extra warmth and makes the outfit a bit more proper. The knit top is a great way to subtly add a different texture, and the color ties in with the cream in the sweater. The black skinny jeans are ever so slightly high-waisted, which means they cover up a bit more skin when paired with the crop top, thus making it perfect for class. The black Dr. Martens mean no sore feet after a long day of walking around campus. They’re also really just awesome shoes in general, so that’s a bonus.

Students are frequently complaining about how difficult it is to pick out nice outfits for school, so I would definitely advise them to look to this Fashionista for inspiration! You never know who you’ll run into on campus, and first impressions always make a lasting impact. It’s great to look put together for your first run-ins with future world leaders and movie stars who are inevitably hanging around your campus.

One Simple Change: Have a date after a long day of class? Switch out the Dr. Martens for pair of black heeled boots or chunky wedges and you’re all set for a fun night out!