So, it’s that time of the year again. Winter seems to have stuck around too long. You’re sick and tired of being forced to wear heavy clothing and you’re ready for it to finally get warm out. So, what do you do when you’re over wearing jeans every day?

This Fashionista finds the perfect solution for what to do during the last couple months of winter. She heads to class in a lightweight, black, belted wrap coat that she pairs with a patterned scarf. The scarf manages to take a bit away from the formal jacket and instead shows off that this Fashionista isn’t afraid to mix and match!

Under her jacket, she wears a light blue knitted sweater that she tucks into a black skirt that is detailed with two zippers along the side. She doesn’t put too much work into properly tucking the sweater into the skirt, which in turn gives the look an effortless feel. The skirt is an appropriate length for class and this Fashionista prepares herself for Richmond’s weather with a pair of black tights underneath.

To accessorize, she wears a long gold necklace that is detailed with the same color as her sweater. She also wears a black leather watch along with a silver bracelet. On her hands, this Fashionista wears silver rings, which contrast perfectly with her long gold necklace. By far the best part of this look is the Fashionista’s leopard print booties, which are definitely worth stopping and asking about. The heel is the perfect height for making it to class on Richmond’s infamous sidewalks.

Follow this Fashionista and don’t be afraid to put down the jeans for one day. It’s just as easy to throw on a skirt as it is a pair of jeans!

One Simple Change: Is class over and it’s time to go to dinner with some friends? Did the sunlight steal away all the warmth that you had? Don’t worry. Switch out your light jacket for a fur coat that will keep you warm throughout the whole night!