Everyone has those wardrobe staples that seem to pop up all too frequently in our outfits, and having class at 8:00 a.m. doesn’t help. In the winter, it is sometimes hard to be pulled out of a rut of the same old clothes every day.  Adding fun accessories can spice up a basic look and make your mornings a little more stylish!

This Fashionista’s outfit is basic enough to be comfortable during a full day of classes while still incorporating her personal style. It’s January, so this Fashionista is wearing a coat. Her classic black puffer coat keeps her extremely warm on the way to and from class, while her basic black long sleeve shirt creates a perfect base for her patterned scarf. This scarf is really the focal point of the outfit and showcases this Fashionista’s style. The pattern is great because even though it is bright and colorful, the colors are muted enough to wear in the winter. It also adds texture to her outfit with the short fringe on the edges.

The bottom half of the outfit is classic but with a twist. This Fashionista cuffed her jeans over her duck boots for a more casual look. This adds more interest to basic skinny jeans and eliminates the need to tuck your jeans into your boots, which can get annoying when walking all over campus. Her brown leather belt adds more interest to her look.

One thing that caught my attention was this Fashionista’s jewelry selection. Her wrists featured both silver bracelets and a silver watch. She also had a handmade friendship bracelet that added color and yet another personal touch to her look.

This Fashionista’s ensemble gets an A+ from me! Recreate her look by starting with a classic base layer and then adding your own style with accessories and details that will make you stand out from your classmates.

One Simple Change: If you have a class presentation, swap the duck boots out for classic black flats and uncuff the jeans. You’ll look professional without looking too fancy.