The “too school for cool” style never gets old. The perfect way to start your school day is by getting into the traditional school uniform. This style is never unfashionable or out of date, you can always add your own touch and transform it into whatever style you want. Britney Spears, for example, in her video clip “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” was dressed up in a school uniform. She transformed the nerdy school uniform into a sexy outfit that goes well with the theme of the song.

The school uniform is not a style to be copied; it should be an inspiration to your fashion choice. It is basically composed of a plaid shirt, a vest or a sweater plain in color, and a skirt. Whatever you add to these basics is mainly your choice. The outfit choice should reflect who you are. The school uniform in general gives the impression of intelligence and attitude, which makes it the perfect choice when going to class.

Our Fashionista today got inspired by the school uniform. She perfectly composed an outfit which fits her busy day. Our Fashionista combined a gray skirt with a red plaid shirt and a black sweater. The skirt is not too short, so it fits the college atmosphere perfectly. Also, it is not too long so it allows her to move comfortably between classes. The red plaid shirt was a successful choice because, as we can see, the black and grey are taking over the outfit and there was a need for an eye-catching color to revive the outfit. Our Fashionista chose flat black knee-high boots which match with the colors of the outfit and are perfect for the cold weather.

Nude-color tights were a smart choice made by our Fashionista today. First of all, if you came closer, you would find that the tights are wool, the perfect material for a cold winter. Second, the nude-color gave the outfit a vibrant vibe. Our Fashionista wore white glasses as a final touch to her to her look of the day. The outfit was well put together and coherent. She combined only a few pieces but the outcome was very stylish.

One Simple Change: In a month or two, the weather is going to get gradually hotter, so I suggest you replace the shirt and the sweater with a sleeveless plaid shirt and a black vest, creating a light outfit perfect for spring.