When walking to class comfort is imperative. Especially here at Washington State where your walk to class is uphill both ways. How is that even possible?! You want to stay comfortable but like all Fashionista/os, you always want to look stylish! As the fourth week of school creeps upon us, students tend to leave the exciting new clothes they got over break in their closets and bring back out the old staples that are easy go-tos.

This Fashionista struts her comfy casual look to class in a fun and funky way. She wears an army green anorak jacket, green and black flannel, black leggings, black ankle socks, and Timberlands. She accessorizes with a gorgeous Michael Kors handbag and gold statement watch paired with a funky beanie and thick rimmed Fendi eyeglasses. This outfit incorporates the perfect mix of new and old styles that can be picked out of anyone’s closet!

Anoraks are great jackets this time of year because they’re light enough to be used as a layering piece while still looking trendy and flattering. They’re also very versatile so you can make them work with a wide variety of outfits. Staple pieces are essentials in everyone’s wardrobe because they can open opportunities to create more outfits allowing you to get more wear out of the garment as well as, lowering your cost-per-wear which as Fashionista/os in college, is always something to keep in mind.

The beanie and Timberland’s give her outfit a street style Cara Delevingne-esque vibe which is a style I have really enjoyed playing around with this season. I love to mix masculine and feminine pieces together and the shoes are an awesome addition to your wardrobe if you want to splurge a little bit. Timberland’s are comfortable, waterproof, and help keep you looking trendy on your trek to class! As we enter February and the weather teases us with a couple sunny warm days, trade the leggings and ankle socks for a pair of high-waisted light wash denim shorts, black sheer tights and over-the-knee socks. Style that with a cute crop top, belt, colored anorak, simple gold jewelry and maybe spice it up a little with some lipstick and voila you’ve got another funky outfit perfect for going out on the town!

The walk to class is all about showing off your personal style and this Fashionista does a great job at staying comfortable while looking fashionable. Give life to old garments you may have hanging in your closet, like your boyfriend’s old flannel, by incorporating them with new trends. For example, throw on a midi dress, a pair of combat boots, and wrap the flannel around your waist and just like that you’ve taken that old thing you had in the closet and made it a statement piece.

One Simple Change: Once you’re done for the day, ditch the grungy look for something a little more classic and throw on an over-sized high-low sweater and you’ve got a perfect study date outfit for the library!