The weather here has been throwing me and my fellow undergraduates for quite a loop. It has been in the 50s and lower 60s ever since we returned back to school and we’re used to 15 degrees or under at this time of year. This Fashionista made my eyes light up when I saw her on our way into class. Her bright cardigan and floppy hat made me truly feel the weather we have been experiencing. It may be winter, but it sure doesn’t feel like it around here, so why should we dress like it?

This Fashionista has on a basic loose green top and dark wash skinny jeans. Over top of that, she has a colorful tribal printed cardigan. She accessorized with a large brown over the shoulder bag, a brown floppy hat and a drop down mixed metals necklace. She topped the whole outfit off with her brown Dr. Martens. This type of look is making a huge comeback right now. It has a very ’70s feel to it, because the shirt and sweater are so flowy and she has on a floppy hat. Many women today find comfort in this kind of look because it fits with our usual casual dress, but is cuter than leggings and Nike shoes. This outfit is perfect for the unseasonable weather we’re currently having because it is still muted and neutral, but brighter than the usual grays and blacks we wear this time of year. This look is perfect for class because while it is fabulously fashionable, it is easy to walk to class in and comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of class. Her cardigan keeps her warm for when the occasional cool breeze comes through on her walk to class and her hat takes our minds to memories of warm spring days, making it the perfect combination on fashionable and functional.

One Simple Change: This look would be perfect for a girl’s night out with a few simple changes to her accessories. She could replace the functional Dr. Martens for a pair of brown booties, swap the hat out for a beaded headband and change her bag to a smaller brown cross-body bag! The perfect way to step out on the town while still keeping that ’70s casual feel.