You have officially survived the first month of spring classes. Although you’re feeling good about what’s to come this semester, those nine o’clock classes seem to be coming earlier and earlier. For those mornings when all you want to do is hit snooze, a quick and easy outfit is best for the not so early risers. The thing about sleeping in is, yes, in the moment it feels good, but when you’re scrambling to get dressed and make it to class on time, it may not be worth it. Do you want to sleep in as late as possible but don’t know what to wear in a hurry? Don’t worry, this Fashionista’s got you covered!

For keeping it comfortable during morning classes, this Fashionista rocks a fashionable, yet effortless, look. On the top she sports a casual henley sweater with printed palazzo pants on the bottom. Ditch your basic jeans for some fun palazzo pants this season for a more comfortable and lightweight option. They also help elongate your legs and slim the waist. Patterns can sometimes be overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints!

Her Converse sneakers pull together her casual chic ensemble for a ’90s throwback. For a fresh-faced look, put on a little mascara, lipgloss and add some white eyeliner to the bottom lash line to make your eyes look more awake. Grab your books, backpack and a quick breakfast and you can be out the door and headed to class in less than 20 minutes.

One Simple Change: Heading to a date after class? Switch out the T-shirt for a crop top for something more flirty. The crop top will definitely spice up the casual outfit and bring more attention to your face. Apply a pop of red lipstick and you are set for a sweet date night!