Heading to class can often seem like a drag and is not necessarily something that everyone looks forward to. One way to increase your motivation to get out of bed and go to school is to pre-arrange a stellar outfit. That way, when it comes time to get ready, you will be more than happy to do so.

This Fashionista surely turned some heads as she walked into class this morning! She is sporting the perfect combination of effortless and well put together. While her collared button-up shirt is relatively formal, she tones down the outfit by pairing it with an oversized cardigan. The cardigan is made up of a brown yarn that has some colored speckles woven into it. In addition, she added a denim jacket on top as a third layer. The brown cardigan complements the vintage wash to the jacket and works to complete an overall casual look.

The next time you find yourself unenthused about going to class, get creative and start playing around with the different pieces you have in your closet. Not only will it save you time for getting ready, but you may be surprised at what you can create.

One Simple Change: If you have plans to grab dinner and go out with some girlfriends in the evening after class, then don’t be afraid to change out off booties and into some heels. You may also want to consider swapping the denim jacket for a coat, especially if the weather is cooler in your neck of the woods.