Finding an outfit for class can be very stressful, especially for morning classes. It may be easier to just throw on any outfit due to the laziness setting in after the first week of classes; however, there is a way to be simple, stylish and comfortable! The minimalist look has become extremely popular as of late, and class is the perfect place to try out this style. I spotted this Fashionista looking very trendy while leaving her 9:30 a.m. class.

The simple combination of the plain white T-shirt and high-waisted black corduroy pants sets the foundation for this minimalist outfit. One can almost never go wrong with black and white since it is very fashionable and classic. The olive colored military jacket adds another element to this look. This Fashionista is sticking with the dark theme of the outfit while still adding a pop of color. Although this Fashionista is sporting a thrift store find, you can find a similar styled jacket elsewhere. The black buckled boots are a very nice touch. The style of the boots is simple yet stunning. Boots are the perfect winter option because they make your outfit more chic, keep you warm and protect from rain or snow.

One Simple Change: Going to a class later in the day? Try adding some statement jewelry to add more color and make the outfit look a little dressier. You can add a statement necklace or earrings to put the finishing touches on your minimalist outfit.