The spring semester begins and we are off to another semester of homework, heavy textbooks and another batch of interesting Fashionistas/os. As warmer weather arrives, we get the chance to play around with new trends as we remind ourselves that the comfiest outfits are the best options when it comes to heading to class. Whether you are the one who rocks the four-inch heeled booties to class or the girl that slips out of her bed and into the classroom in her pajamas, everyone has their own type of comfort and idea of what is in style to them. That’s what I love about CollegeFashionista. You see an array of all styles on a level of comfortability on the college campus. On rainy days, I love seeing Fashionistas/os rocking their sweats and simple T-shirts like it’s nobody’s business. Yet when the sun comes out, that is when we see the personal style in everyone on campus.

This Fashionisto proves that you can have comfort and style in one outfit. He styles this H&M graphic T-shirt with some roomy jogger pants. What he likes about these pants is that they are actually not sweatpants. Although they look more casual and laid back than jeans, they are a softer fabric. He isn’t a huge fan of wearing cotton sweats to class, so these pants are a number one in his book for comfortable bottoms. This Fashionisto rocks his polka-dot-like T-shirt like a champ! This twist on the average circle polka-dot is a little different. If you look closer, the little graphics are of fun little cartoons that definitely speak toward his personal style and even humor.

His outfit speaks volumes even though it is so practical and classic. These basic and minimal colors are on-trend and the simplicity of the outfit allows for comfort in the classroom for the three-hour lectures.

One Simple Change: Swap the jogger pants for some clean slim blue jeans for more of a casual look. Adding in a pair of tennis shoes in place of the bulky sneakers would also be a nice touch.