We’ve all had those days where we seem to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Frustratedly searching through all the over worn clothes can be very discouraging and can result in a catastrophic outfit. This Fashionisto seems to have defeated this fashion funk, and managed to put together an outfit perfect for a day spent in class.

Oxford shirts are like men’s version of the little black dress; both are timeless pieces that never seem to go out of style. This Fashionisto has managed to incorporate this style staple into his going to class outfit. Keeping everything between specific tonal ranges, this Fashionisto pairs his oxford shirt with a simple pair of dark wash denim and gray Nike sneakers. Matching the color of your sneakers with the rest of your outfit is a trend that many people either like or seem to be really skeptical about. The best way to do this is to do what this Fashionisto did and choose a shoe that is a little darker than your shirt. This way you’re still following the trend, but not fully committing to using the same color throughout your ensemble. Not only are sneakers a go to shoe this season, but they are also the best kind of shoe to be wearing as a student who is constantly walking around campus and from class to class.

As for accessories, this Fashionisto used a very unconventional form of accessorizing by using his headphones. The sleek white and geometric shape of his headphones is the perfect accessory for this very monochromatic outfit, as it tends to bring out the white graininess found on the fabric of his shirt. Not only are headphones the perfect accessory, but they are also the best way to jam out to your favorite song as you’re walking into class in style.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionisto and you are sure to achieve that monochromatic and effortless look that is suitable for a long day of classes and learning. 

One Simple Change: Going to the library after class may be a drag, especially when you are not equipped to fight the tortuous library temperatures that can make it hard to concentrate. Just throw on a simple cardigan or a black bomber jacket and you’ll be able to fight any library temperatures while still looking good.