The Times Square New Year ball has dropped and it’s time for a great, big change. What will it be this year? Is it a new love, a new lifestyle choice, a new wardrobe? Spend this time to reenergize the positive outlook into your new wardrobe! Since Christmas is over, discounts have exponentially increased and is practically telling customers to come in and take all that you can! One of the top factors for shoppers when shopping is make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes because you may be walking around for long periods of time.

I spotted this Fashionista waiting for her friend with her phone in hand. This Fashionista started off with a plain, speckled, blue shirt paired with a pair of indigo jeans. Since it is still cold outside, she layered on a green coat and knitted circle scarf. Also, she swung her cross body bag to allow her hands access to do whatever. This Fashionista’s ensemble combines comfort and ease, which is definitely something you want to wear to go shopping. Last but not least, her shoes stood out to me because it’s combat boots with two straps. This definitely adds a twist to regular lace up combat boots.

One Simple Change: There’s no better time for a hot date than during the cold weather. Ditch the baggy jacket for a fitted coat for a glam look that will be sure to wow your date.