Out with the sunshine and in with the cold wet and rainy day. As this spring semester is starting back up, Columbia is hit with an abundance of rain showers. Long afternoons are spent in Russell House instead of doing work on the Horseshoe, and days are determined by how many hours are free from down pours. Although almost all classes are in doors, at a campus like USC, there are some days where a 20-minute walk is the only thing getting you across campus to your next class. With rainy days comes a constant mind battle of whether or not you want to deal with soaked wet socks and shoes for the duration of your class, or rather, wear shoes more suitable for the unpredictable weather.

Well, this Fashionista conquered that battle with her striped umbrella and charcoal Hunter Boots. Dodging puddles and wet feet are no longer an issue for this Fashionista. She is sporting a comfortable olive T-shirt and black jeggings. This Fashionista ditched the typical North Face rain jacket to debut her new green puffer jacket. This puffer jacket is both stylish and essential for keeping warm from the cold rain, but it is also light enough to carry around if there is a sudden change in weather. It is a perfect piece to throw on before heading off to class, or could even be dressed up for weekend endeavors.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from a day in class to a day with friends, trade in the T-shirt for a white V-neck and switch the backpack for a bright colored shoulder bag.