Ringing in the New Year with syllabus week can take a lot out of any student. The hours spent over holiday break of sitting in bed watching Netflix have been replaced with mind-numbing lectures, and you’re forced to wear clothing that can actually be seen in public. While your bed has to be sacrificed during the new semester, style doesn’t. This Fashionista manages to combine fashion and comfort during the first week back, making a first impression with peers and professors alike.

Her flowing top is comfortable and feminine. Her leggings are a must-have for the semester, and her heeled boots make an impression anyone would envy. The look is simple, yet polished and creates the perfect combination for the first week of class. Her boots are a key component to the outfit. The heel elongates her leg, making her taller and more confident. It brings the eye up to her statement top, focusing on the individual details, like the tapered edges and draping. By wearing minimal jewelry, the top becomes the focus of the outfit, and the details are built in accessories.

By replicating this Fashionista’s comfortable and simple style, you’re sure to impress everyone for the new semester and start the year off right.

One Simple Change: Layering a bulky statement necklace over the top can help transform this outfit from class to date night ready. The weight of the necklace will balance out the details in the bottom of the shirt, putting you in the perfect position to charm your date.