Headed back to school? Looking to stand out this semester and maybe catch the eye of that special lady on campus? I bet you she will be very impressed with your newfound knack for fashion, fellas.

With the recent arctic blast we’ve been experiencing all over the country it’s important to bundle up but, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. This  sports a great outfit that is both laid-back yet looks like he definitely put in solid effort and didn’t just roll out of bed before class. There’s no doubt that he will be able to handle these frigid temperatures as well. Black on black in always in style; I promise you can’t go wrong. Like what you see? Well get ready, I’m about to lay it all down for you.

A thick sweater looks polished yet will keep you nice and toasty! Pair it with a casual pair of joggers and sneakers to get this unique style. Adding a chic watch will add a refined touch to your ensemble, or even some sweet shades. Don’t forget to throw on your coat before you leave for class!

Dressing for a day on campus can be challenging. For those of us that are lucky enough (HA) to have classes that require us to wake up just before sunrise, it is extremely tempting to toss on a pair of sweats and a comfortable sweatshirt. Don’t do it—resist temptation. Guys, it’s easy to put something like this together and you can still wake up 30 minutes before class, I assure you. Here’s to you, gentlemen. I look forward to seeing your upward trends (get it?!) in the future.

One Simple Change: Need to dress this up for a date night? Toss on a pair of jeans for a slightly more formal look. Pair it with a complementary top, like the navy one shown on this Fashionisto, and you can be sure your date will be impressed with your stylish getup.