College is a place in which we are to learn and get experience in different fields of study; it is a time to decide where we want our futures to lead us. The schoolwork, job, extra-curriculars and social life can be tremendously time consuming. That does not mean that there is not enough time to look put together for class. I am going to give you a few tips on how to put an eye-catching outfit together in a matter of minutes.

Due to the weather being bitter cold and the snow falling nonstop, there is a need to bundle up. This does not mean that you need to put on the puffer jacket and a hoodie; there are other alternatives. Large, comfy cardigans are the best for traveling from class to class. A cardigan paired with leggings and boots is super cute but also warm. Oversized sweaters with leggings or jeans also make a lovely outfit. Just throw that on along with a few pieces of jewelry, and put your hair in a bun then head right out the door. You will make it to class on time and look charming while taking notes.

Now, this Fashionista decided to add socks which peek out of the top of her boots and a scarf. This displays her personal style and adds to the outfit rather than just wearing the cardigan and jeans. The scarf will keep her warm when walking to class and once she gets to class, she can take the scarf off but still have a necklace on underneath to complete the outfit.

Those were a few outfit suggestions to get you out the door on time and to class while looking remarkable. Although the temperature is plummeting, that does not mean your style has to.

One Simple Change: The guy who caught your eye earlier this year finally asked you to get coffee with him after class. In order to make this outfit a little more date appropriate, ditch the scarf and add a statement necklace. This will allow you to show more skin rather than being all bundled up. This is your first date (of hopefully many more), so show off your style!