The first couple of weeks of school are in full swing and the homework has already started to pile on. As spring semester begins, students prepare for a new year and do their best to put a good foot forward. Although spring semester brings many exciting aspects such as spring break and for some graduation, it also brings lots of stress. This accounting student, working full time while juggling a full load of classes, puts her best foot forward by strutting a sophisticated and cute outfit for class.

Knowing full well the temptations of wearing sweats to class in the dead of winter, this Fashionista challenged herself in the new year to be professional, fashionable, and most importantly comfortable for all her classes. Like the common saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” this Fashionista found a way to look professional, but still be appropriate for a full day of classes and work.

Her striped pants made her outfit. This pattern has become very popular among celebrities because it is modern yet sophisticated. Unlike most plaids, this checkered striped pattern can be made professional due to its sleek lines and minimalistic look. Some of my favorite ways to wear this pattern is on a top or pant. From there she paired it with a loose blouse-like tank top and a casual cardigan. For shoes she wore her ankle booties that had a heel yet were easy to wear walking around campus to class.

One Simple Change: After classes is the best time to hang out with friends. To make this look more casual, ditch the booties for Converse and cardigan for a jean jacket. Want to make your look stand out? Wear your chunkiest statement necklace and some favorite arm candy for a unique outfit that is sure to impress.