The easiest outfit for your daily commute to class is, and debatably always has been, a trusted pair of jeans, everyday sneakers and a sweatshirt. If I were to count the amount of college students I see on my daily commute to class wearing that exact same outfit, I’d lose count in minutes. The beauty of this tried and true outfit, however, is that it’s so simple to find a way to stand out amidst the overwhelming number of students wearing their old Levi Brand Jeans, Sperry Top-Siders sneakers and the faded Nike sweatshirt they bought junior year of high school.

When I found this student on his way to class, what initially caught my eye were his sneakers. A pair of royal blue Nike Air Jordan 1s are without a doubt my favorite Air Jordan model and arguably my favorite sneaker ever made. As I got closer, I noticed a few other things about this student’s outfit that were very refreshing to see. A well made pair of Selvedge denim that didn’t break the bank, a solid navy sweatshirt from UNIQLO and a navy blue waxed cotton Penfield jacket. This Fashionisto’s taste makes his simple outfit different than all of the other students who decided to wear jeans and a sweatshirt on their way to class again.

While this outfit is perfect for your everyday commute, my advice is to try and add your own sense of style to it, as this Fashionisto did. Find a pair of shoes you really like, buy a new pair of jeans or find a jacket that suits your own personal style. Even look for ways to add your own unique style with smaller things such as a winter hat or scarf that caters to some of the colder weather.

One Simple Change:  If you’re looking to go out for the night, lose the sweatshirt and put on a pair of boots with the outfit and you’re golden.