Time to grab your backpacks and notebooks because school is back in session. With the beginning of a new semester comes new schedules, new friends and new opportunities. Whether you are excited for classes to start or already ready for summer fun, Fashionistos and Fashionistas are loving this winter’s style. Start your year off right and make a good first impression in your classes by looking both stylish and casual.

This Fashionista shows off her collegiate look as she walks to class. By wearing neutral, seasonal colors, she is able to look trendy while not appearing overdressed. A watch is a very practical accessory to add to your everyday look to avoid glancing around for a clock during class. Combat boots also make an excellent accessory for class because they are comfortable to walk in and can withstand most weather elements. Dress up any combat boots by wearing thick, wool socks. Not only will they give you a cute, cozy look, but they will add additional warmth in the ever-dropping January temperatures. My favorite part of this outfit, though, is this Fashionista’s trench coat. The khaki color of her coat complements the burgundy of her scarf, making a pleasing color palette.

One Simple Change: Do you like this outfit so much that you would like to wear it over the weekend? Try swapping this trench coat for a leather one to give your outfit an edgier, sophisticated look. For an even fancier feel, substitute your infinity scarf for a sparkly statement necklace.